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730 tuesday morning, 4 panels
730 tuesday morning, 4 panels
fused glass, steel
8"x54" and 16"x54"

this image, 7:30 tuesday morning is a long standing series for me. i first produced this image in 1999.
the first panel was sold by eloise rusk, in tuscon az. since then i have produced more than 200 varied panels, all different but keeping entirely with the ethereal botanic theme. the 8"x54" panels are the smallest size (9 tiles minimum) and the panels can go up to 54" high and as long as 16 '.
the 7:30 tuesday morning series is one of the most frequent commission pieces that i do. partly it is the imagery but the other appeal is the versatility of the steel grid. the steel can be cut to nearly any size any client might need. and it allows the client to add more panels in future.